The Oscars: Bringing Back the ‘Bling’

First off, congratulations to our Grammy winners. This year’s Oscars will be different also due to the pandemic. It’s anyone’s guess what to expect.

  1. Like the Grammy’s, the date was pushed up to become COVID compliant from February 28 to April 25. The deadline for nominations was pushed to December 31, 2020
  2. Also similar to the Grammy’s, the Oscar’s will be filmed in two different locations.

Now here is where the award shows differ:

  1.   The Oscar nominees are asked to be at the show.
  2. The people that do not show up because of the pandemic, will not have access to the show online.
  3. There is a standardized dress code. No casual wear allowed, like warm up suits. They want to bring back the’ bling’.
  4. Movies did not have to be in theaters.

This blogger concurs with the last rule. If one could afford expensive cars, houses and jewelry, there should be enough money in the budget to afford a tuxedo or evening gown. I did this in 1993 when my friends and I went to see a musical production of “Phantom of the Opera” in Dallas, Texas. Granted, there was no gown for me, but the dress was nice.

The good news is, the acting categories will be a generous mix of color after a complaint that the Oscars were predominately white a few years ago. One can also expect some major competition between Amazon and Netflix for their streaming movies.

One thing did impress me. In spite of the snubs that get news coverage, women are making history in the “Best Director” category.. This reminded me of the time when A Taste of Honey won a Grammy for their single, “Boogie Oogie Oogie” This makes me wonder if ‘Coming 2 America” will get the best costume award like they are predicting? A list of nominees can be found here

One other thing about the Oscars, Elton John was supposedly opening up his after party celebration to everyone for the first time.

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