The “Uniqueness” of the 2021 Grammy’s

Everyone looks forward to the Grammy Award Show this year on CBS on March 14. Of course, there had to be some adjustments made in order for the show to be put on—and the show must go on in spite of who won’t attend.

Some of these modifications include:

1. Because of the on-going pandemic, the original air date had to be changed from the end of January to mid-March.

2. A sudden increase in cases of COVID-19 made producers changed home base from California to Georgia

3. Also, because of the above restrictions, there won’t be an audience in the auditorium.

Performers appearing in person will have to encourage each other. Some performing bands will prerecord themselves from other locations. A list of performers can be found here. A list of nominees can be found here.

4. Bar tenders and ticket managers will present awards to those performers in the Independent category.

No show can go on without some form of trouble. It’s a shame when good artists’ work gets ignored by Grammy voters. That’s exactly why Justin Bieber won’t be attending the Grammy’s this year. Hold on, there is more to the story. While Bieber’s name has been placed four times, no doubt making him happy, he fumes because his album, “Changes”, was placed under the wrong label. It makes me wonder why it couldn’t be placed under both Pop and R&B?

Someone needs to offer Zayn Malik a bar of soap, not a basket of sweets, for his F-bomb tweeted to the Grammys. He is not even listed as a possible award winner in this year’s show. His album, “Nobody’s Listening”, missed the cut off date. Cool it dude. Your daughter might be listening. Let’s hope she doesn’t inherit your filthy mouth.

There is good news, though, viewers will have more than one way to watch the Grammys this year. CBS and Paramount Plus will air the Grammy’s at 8 pm EST.

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