The ‘Buzz’ About Upcoming Sequels

Hey, movie fans! Here’s news that’s really hot. While every Disney+ fan awaits the premiere of “Disenchanted” on November 18, This latest news even has this blogger excited. Here’s the ‘buzz’ about upcoming sequels.

Hogwart’s Legacy a movie slated for release February 10, 2023, hopes to have the three main actors return and their student enemies too, as well as the surviving cast members. This is still iffy because nothing is concrete yet. There is a role playing game with the same title that takes place in the 17th century, predating the books, movies, games and includes Fantastic Beasts, film series, with the same release date.

Princess Diaries 3 Disney will also return to Genovia for the third installment of this movie. Anne Hathaway hopes to reprise her role, according to Variety. While the plot and storyline remain unidentified, Hathaway also hoped to work with Julie Andrews again. Also, according to E News, “Petty Mona” will somehow make a return.

Freaky Friday Sequel Both Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are set to film a Freaky Friday sequel. According to Variety, Disney is interested and both stars have the ear of the right people. This blogger agrees with her statement that it was more important to make the sequel, not worry about whether Disney was ready for more than one movie sequel. Like the other two, everything is still being decided.

Mean Girls Movie Musical There is another Mean Girls screenplay being written by Tina Fey, who wrote and starred in the original film. This will be based on the Broadway musical. Digital Spy reported last September that they hired directors for the film. Ok Magazine reported that Daniel Franzese, Damien, in the film, was receptive to making another movie. Cast members have not been chosen yet, even though Linsay Lohan made her point about the iconic movie in her holiday Netflix film, Falling for Christmas.

This blogger eagerly awaits for these sequels.

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