What’s with Disney+?

What’s with Disney+? Last week, a friend and I were watching Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars” Episode 4 Disney Night when a major issue occurred. Ten minutes before the show ended, it was removed from the site. My friend paused the program to bring something in the kitchen for me and found theContinue reading “What’s with Disney+?”

The Oscars: Bringing Back the ‘Bling’

First off, congratulations to our Grammy winners. This year’s Oscars will be different also due to the pandemic. It’s anyone’s guess what to expect. Like the Grammy’s, the date was pushed up to become COVID compliant from February 28 to April 25. The deadline for nominations was pushed to December 31, 2020 Also similar toContinue reading “The Oscars: Bringing Back the ‘Bling’”