The ‘Buzz’ About Upcoming Sequels

Hey, movie fans! Here’s news that’s really hot. While every Disney+ fan awaits the premiere of “Disenchanted” on November 18, This latest news even has this blogger excited. Here’s the ‘buzz’ about upcoming sequels. Hogwart’s Legacy a movie slated for release February 10, 2023, hopes to have the three main actors return and their studentContinue reading “The ‘Buzz’ About Upcoming Sequels”

The Oscars: Bringing Back the ‘Bling’

First off, congratulations to our Grammy winners. This year’s Oscars will be different also due to the pandemic. It’s anyone’s guess what to expect. Like the Grammy’s, the date was pushed up to become COVID compliant from February 28 to April 25. The deadline for nominations was pushed to December 31, 2020 Also similar toContinue reading “The Oscars: Bringing Back the ‘Bling’”

Paramount Plus Debuts March 4

Add another streaming service, Paramount Plus, formerly CBS All Access, to the growing number of networks that have joined the “streaming wars”. According to an article written March 1, the renamed network will include:  live news and sports as well as on-demand shows and movies, including originals — all of which belong to parent companyContinue reading “Paramount Plus Debuts March 4”

Coming To America 2 has a few ‘surprises’

The long-awaited sequel of Coming To America starts March 5, with some surprises. The first is that Akeem finds out he has a son and goes back to Queens, New York to find him and get to know him. As a blogger, it might not be any big surprise that, like Arsenio Hall’s character, Semi,Continue reading “Coming To America 2 has a few ‘surprises’”