What’s with Disney+?

What’s with Disney+? Last week, a friend and I were watching Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars” Episode 4 Disney Night when a major issue occurred. Ten minutes before the show ended, it was removed from the site.

My friend paused the program to bring something in the kitchen for me and found the show disappeared from the DWS show line up. Neither of us experienced anything like this before, except when Pluto TV, or FreeVee TV are on the list as other watching options. Even then, the window didn’t stay open very long. At least “Tyler Perry’s: Madea’s Witness Protection” still remains within reach and free.

My biggest problem with Disney+ was the constant buffering when trying to watch a Disney classic, like Mary Poppins. Marvel’s X-Men or Marvel’s X-Men United. In spite of this, the entire series was seen by me, as were the Harry Potter films

Anyway, after 45 minutes trying to verify my account and trying to solve the issue over the phone, it was discovered that last week’s episode wasn’t supposed to be shown. To regain access, subscribers of the Disney + channel had to wait 24-48 hours or more. Luckily, my friend and I only had 12 hours to wait until the episode was reinstated.

By the way, be sure to watch this week’s episode of DWTS. I’m sure it will leave an impression on fans of the show.

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